About In Eeyou Istchee

In Eeyou Istchee Vision Statement (what we aspire to be)

The “In Eeyou Istchee” podcast builds an online Cree community. It engages and grows with the community by providing the highest quality content that gathers thoughts, ideas and sounds about Cree affairs.

The interest is in the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee, which is located in northern Quebec. It is speaking with individuals in their community. The language has some similarities with other nations, which means the podcast can extend to the Innu and Atikamekw communities.

The podcast series will expand to a dedicated Cree listener base who will embrace and support In Eeyou Istchee because they feel their lives are enriched, entertained and improved.

In Eeyou Istchee Mission Statement (how we achieve our vision) 

In Eeyou Istchee’s mission is to strengthen and enrich the Cree communities with a podcast that is real, fresh, and promotes Cree diversity, respect, and freedom of expression.

In Eeyou Istchee is a podcast series hosted and produced by Nick Wapachee.