Episode 5 – In Eeyou Istchee

Our host Nick Wapachee updates our listeners of the progress with the podcast and its recent interest in the media.

Respected Elder Winnie Moar recollects her memory when she used to harvest sturgeon with her late parents and late husband, but finds strength continuing her culture and way of life.

Episode 4 – In Eeyou Istchee

Freddie Dixon tells his story why his grandparents took him to the bush to learn traditional skills and how it benefits his life today.

Despite the ever-changing journalism industry, a Cree magazine is running for 25 years now.

Episode 3 – In Eeyou Istchee

My tribute this week is about my late second-great-uncle Andrew Wapachee. He fought during World War One. We remember him because he fought for freedom and for his people.

Episode 2 – In Eeyou Istchee

What Cheers? The question we’ve all been greeting each other with. Is that even a Cree word? Weird. I use it all the time.

Going down south for post-secondary is hard but rewarding.

Episode 1 – In Eeyou Istchee

This is my podcast. All done in the Cree language.