Why this matters

Our Cree language and culture are what defines the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee. We are Eeyou because of these two important attributes.

It’s all about our language and culture

The Cree Nation depends on it. We thrive because we are Eeyou living in our community or on the land. The knowledge of our Elders is what defines our language and culture.

What is happening?

Robbie Matthew Sr. is a respected Elder from Chisasibi. He is noticing more and more Cree people speaking English as their main language, especially among the younger generation. The fear is that one day the language may become endangered in the next generation.

What’s shifting the culture and language?

Robbie Matthew Sr. says that the language is changing because of the heavy influence on social media. We can reverse these effects by listening, watching and reading Cree content on social media or with media outlets, such as this podcast.

A Call-to-Action to the Cree People

Create content in the Cree language with audio, video and text using social media platforms to showcase the language at the same time preserving the language by posting content online for our future generations.

Foster a culture where the Cree language is a priority in the workplace and at home to give others a safe space to learn the language. Encourage those around you to #SpeakCree.

Continue community cultural activities for the youth using the Cree language and use terms that are used in practices and traditions.

Show your support

Post the following declaration on your social media platforms:

I, (full name), declare that I will use my Cree language in all my affairs. I will reverse the effects of losing my language for future generations. I am responsible for the preservation of my language and culture, therefore I will continue to learn and immerse myself in the knowledge of our Elders who live and breathe the way of Eeyou life. #SpeakCree to me.